Thursday, April 5, 2012


With the weather warming across the west, camping season is creeping upon us.

It's prime season right now for places like Moab and its surrounding areas-- and there are so many magical places to explore in south east Utah!  

As Utah gets too hot, Medano Creek will start to flow at Great Sand Dunes National Park.  This is the perfect place to take little ones to splash in the water and wallow in the sand-- a taste of the beach in Colorado!

As summer gets into full swing we'll be able to camp closer to home, in the mountains-- places like Rocky Mountain National Park, and all the "secret" little places out on the forest around us that we've discovered.

These are just some of our favorite places we've camped before-- and we continue to explore more (Dinosaur National Monument this summer?)...
And, one of my favorite things to do while we're out is to cook.  My Dutch oven is my favorite tool--

but I've got a few other things in my portable kitchen, too.

I'm excited to share some of these things and some tricks we've learned over the years as the camping season progresses.

But even more so, I'm excited to get my wild little boys outside where they belong!