Wednesday, February 22, 2012

upcoming recipes and a special offer

I will be the first to admit my recipes have become more few and far between lately.  
And, admittedly, so has my house cleaning-- I've been doing cleaning triage and really only cleaning what's become glaringly dirty.  This is basically my normal cleaning routine, but taken to the next level.  For example, my next order of cleaning business is to pick up the big chunk of cereal bar off the living room floor (man, those dogs are getting old and lazy).
I have been doing quite a bit of cooking lately, but for some reason I've chosen to take on developing some more complicated recipes like spinach, bean and dumpling soup (for which I'm struggling to get the bean cooking time and water level right), and home-made seitan braised in ginger-cinnamon soy sauce (and I'm discovering the craft of home-made seitan is tricky, at best).  I'm also really excited about something I made Monday night:  Navajo fry bread.  I topped it with home-made vegan chorizo, crispy kale and a drizzle of green chile sauce.  Crazy-good.
So, those are some things to look forward to-- I just want to get them perfect before I share them with you...
But if you're looking for something to make and have not tried my Rich Chocolate Pudding yet, do yourself a favor and make it.  Now.  We've literally had it for dessert three times in the past week and  I can definitively say that it's delicious-- especially with a glass of red wine.  And it's ridiculously fast to make.
Anyway, I'm sure you're dying to know what I've been doing, if not keeping my house spotless and finishing up all those delicious recipes I have started...
As if I needed more to do, I've created an Etsy shop where I'm selling my handmade jewelry.  In actuality, my jewelry hobby (along with this blog) add more to my plate, but in a purely positive way.  I've discovered over the last several months that in order for me to do my best at being a mother and wife, I also need something to do that's my own.  Parents spend so much time doing things for others that it's too easy to forget to do something for ourselves.
Etsy is my latest thing I do for myself, but I've made something for you on there, as well: a treasury list in honor of my readers, called "eat your veggies".  Check it out-- there are so many fun things to find on Etsy.
While you're there, check out my shop, Mountain Mama Handmade and treat yourself (or a loved one) with 15% off anything in my shop-- just enter coupon code "BLOG15" at checkout.

Okay, thanks for humoring me-- I promise this will be the last time I so shamelessly advertise my Etsy site here.  
Have a great day, and don't forget to do something for yourself today!

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